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Lucas strives to brand himself as an intellectual fighter rather than an angry brut. This is rather interesting since his fighting style and personality are definitely described as angry, vicious and rather crazy. In January 2020, he moved to South Florida, one of the two premier places for MMA training. He started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA wrestling and kickboxing under the guidance of UFC veteran and BJJ blackbelt Charles “Chainsaw” McCarthy and his older brother Charles. This is where his heavy training began while helping to form the American Combat Gym . Lucas’ journey started at a young age with an interest in self-defence jiu-jitsu which he would practice with his twin brother Francis. He says that they were obsessed with Godzilla as children, which led to a lot of play wrestling on their trampoline. Lucas played many sports in school but gravitated toward folkstyle wrestling, which led to his first achievement as the first two-year captain at his high school. He then went on to win the Division 2 state title in 2014.

After a slow start, Romero knocked Rockhold out in the third round. With a busy 2011 behind us, 2012 looks as though it will be another exciting year for local mixed martial arts fighters. Rockhold tried wrestling for a local community college but decided to take jiu-jitsu on full-time. After winning a few BJJ tournaments, he decided to enter mixed martial arts. In 2006, a friend invited Rockhold to train at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California. His raw talent and kicking displays immediately caught the eye of AKA head coach Javier Mendez, who touted Rockhold as a potential future champion.

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My favorite things to do are cook Brazilian Barbecue and watch soccer. I have been practicing mixed martial arts since I was 8 years old. Today I can proudly say I am a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and I have competed in professional MMA bouts in the past. His debut fight was in March 2021 under the ACG’s banner, and since then, he has remained undefeated Sober House and is one of the most active fighters in the country. Rockhold was scheduled to face Paulo Costa on July 30, 2022, at UFC 277. Rockhold lost the fight via unanimous decision and subsequently retired from mixed martial arts. Rockhold was scheduled to fight on February 10, 2018, at UFC 221 against UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker.

Rockhold faced perennial multi-divisional contender Vitor Belfort on May 18, 2013 in the main event at UFC on FX 8. He lost the fight via knockout in the first round, after being caught with a spinning heel kick to the face. Our professional instructors are highly trained in several martial arts disciplines. Under their guidance he began instructing classes, and also began competing. Although he has experience training/competing lucas cruz mma in wrestling, boxing, and MMA throughout his life, his passion lays in GI BJJ and BJJ for MMA. He then studied Muay Thai in Thailand and Dutch Kickboxing in the Northern Netherlands. Those who believe they understand what goes on in an MMA fighter’s mind should speak with Lucas Rosa and realise they might be completely wrong. Lucas believes that being an aggressive brute doesn’t win the toughest fights in life.

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For instance, he beat Nicky Rodriguez, who is an ADCC silver medalist. A black belt since 2015, Barbosa represents one of the best jiu-jitsu players in the world to make the crossover to MMA. He is a two-time IBJJF world champion in the gi and a fourt-time no-gi world champion. We are a San Diego based MMA promotion that feature both professional and amateur fights.
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On January 13, 2018, it was reported that Whittaker pulled out from his bout against Rockhold at UFC 221 due to a serious condition of staph infection. He was replaced by Yoel Romero in a bout for the Interim UFC Middleweight Championship. The winner of this bout would then face Whittaker for a title unification bout. At the UFC 221 weigh-ins, lucas cruz mma Romero weighed in at 187.7 pounds, 2.7 pounds over the middleweight championship limit of 185.0 pounds. As a result, Romero was ineligible to win the championship even if he won the fight, while Rockhold would have received the Interim Championship if he had won. Romero was also fined 30% of his purse, which went to Rockhold.