Lucian’s dialogues, namely, the dialogues of the gods, of the sea-gods, and of the dead; Zeus the tragedian, the ferry-boat, etc Translated with notes and a preliminary memoir by Howard Williams

JOHNSON’S Lives of the Poets. Edited, with Notes, by Mrs. Alexander Nnpicr. And an Introduction by Pro- fessor J. W. Hales, M.A. DUNLOP’S History of Fiction.

  • 2 Well, now you must come down with all your soul and strength, and that without delay ; for I am simply dying under the pangs of labour, which rack my poor brain terribly.
  • So, forsooth, Apollo, you are no longer in esteem ; but now every rock, and every altar, 2 which may be sprinkled with oil, and have garlands, and can supply an impostor, such as exist in quantities, delivers its oracles.
  • So inspect me.
  • Give us the story, Krates, for I fancy you have seen some uncommonly laughable scenes.

Sisyphus, a king of Korinth, his punishment in Tartarus, 223 and note. Semele, aTheban princess, daughter of Kadmus, loved by Zeus, 3 note ; Zeus charges himself with the concealment of her infant, Bacchus, 19 and note ; her terri- ble fate, 20 ; Hera’s jealousy of, 36, 55, 172. Scipio Africanus, P. Cornelius, the Roman conqueror of Hannibal, claims precedence of the Cartha- ginian, but acknowledges his in- feriority to Alexander of Mace- don, 114, 119, and note; claims a serpentine origin, 120 note. Rufia, the modern name of the river Alpheius, 65 note. Roxana, a Baktriau princess, Alex- ander’s marriage with her criti- cized by his father, Philip of Macedon, 126 and note. Pyrrhus, king of Epeirus, pro- nounced by Hannibal to be second in the military art, 119 note.

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Favourite eagle, carrying off his future cup-bearer 5 while others are content with the agency of the “royal bird.” Ovid Metam. 4) is among the former. Hesiod knows, or says, nothing of the story of the rapti Ganymedis honores. According to the Iliad, the rape of the hand- some son of the Phrygian king is effected by all the gods in a body, (xx. 232-5). The scene, usually, is laid on Mt. Ida.

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It is deserving of notice that Lucian has been more judicious in exer- cising proper reticence, than many of his modern imitators and successors. Surely my case is a trifling one, Rhada- manthys, and needs but a brief sort of examination. This long time, at all events, I have been quite naked at your service.

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Xerxes, king of Persia, one of the “lions” of Hades, insulted by Menippus, 141 and note ; his oc- cupation in Hades, according to Lucian and to Rabelais, 276 and note. Warburton, Bp., his Divine Legation of Moses referred to, 279 note. Tyro ( a virgin loved by the river-god Enipeus), Enipeus reproaches Poseidon with the violation of, 78-79. Tumboruchos (“a tomb digger”), a plunderer of rich tombs, 207 and note. Trophonius, his Cave-Oracle derided by Menippus, 92-9.’) and note. Tritons (Sea-divinities), the, Pau- sanias hesitates to believe in their shell-trumpets, 31 note; attend the nuptial -procession of Europa, 84.

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  • 435, 675 ; GeafJi.
  • James, St..
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1 But there is one thing, and that a very easy thing to grant, I did wish to obtain from you. Yes, indeed, in such respect ; for the suit of armour was my own, as it was my uncle’s. Nothing of that sort ; on the contrary, I had arrived at about the full age of ninety years, and led a life of want, sustained by means of my fishing-rod and line, excessively poor, childless, and lame, into the bargain, and half blind.

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See Boky/m; Pausanias, ii. Iii., 514. 2 ‘Opxovntvog ttfia ical xoptvwv. Xopevojv differs from the preceding verb in implying the circular dance, and has particular reference to the dithyrambic and dramatic chorus round the altar of Dionysus.


3 The two Dionysii, uncle and nephew, the celebrated tyrants of Sicily. According to some of the biographers or historians, Plato suffered for his plain-speaking to the despots. See, in particular. Pythagoras. Only give them to me. Other opinions hold among the dead ; for I have learned that beans and one’s parents’ heads are not all on an equality here.

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See Diet, of Mythology , etc. ed. Lucian is almost encyclopaedic in the extent and rarity of his productions — critic, moralist, philosopher, poli- tician, poet, romancist, litterateur. Of the eighty-four separate writings attributed to him, and published in the editions of his works, not a few find an undeserved place there. Some pieces of inferior merit are the production of his earlier rhetorical period, and show sufficiently evident traces of the stilted style characteristic of the fashionable declamatory essay, as well in matter as in manner. Of his undoubted productions, the shorter pieces — Dialogues of the Gods, of the Sea- Gods, and of the Dead — by reason of their popular subject-matter and peculiar graces of style, have always been most generally read. In the Greek Anthology twenty Epigrams are ascribed to a writer bearing the name of Lucian.

Pella, the capital of Macedon, the birthplace of Alexander, 126 note. Peleus, king of the Myrmidones, his marriage with Thetis, 68, 80 note, 128. Peisistratus, tyrant of Athens, a rival of Megakles, 245, 261 note.

  • Alexander.
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  • “Asphodelian Meadows,” quoted by Menippus in a parody of the Odyssey, 280, and note.
  • Figure, too, is the famous Kroesus !

In a word, it is impossible even to come up with her, as she is always fleeing through the mountains. 1 Then, too, she has already her own peculiar kind of love. For a long time I imagine he had been aware of this amour j and was hunting them down ; and when he had enveloped their bed with invisible fetters, 1 he went back to his forge and worked away as usual. Then Ares enters unobserved, as he supposed ; but Helios looks down upon them and sees them, and tells Hephaestus.